The Gathering Place provides a bridge between the old and the new and has become a place of prayer for all people.

The facilitators of the Gathering Place are formed in the Christian tradition but encourage those who come to draw wisdom from the well of their own tradition and experience, as well as the timeless stream of universal wisdom.

No one path can give the full picture and though we travel our own path, it is possible to be enriched by the wisdom and insights of others. Such perspectives widen our horizons and help us to grow in understanding and respect for one another.

Lorraine Gatehouse csb has been an educator in the area of faith and spirituality for many years. Study oportunities in Rome, at Trinity College, Dublin and in Australia have added many new and unique dimensions to her work. She has trained as a spiritual directer and is an experienced facilitator. Lorraine is a member of the Brigidine Congregation and has held a number of leadership roles in her Order, including International Leader. She has spent time in PNG and Mexico and through these inter-cultural experiences has been led to a deeper understanding of the Gospel way of life.

Meryl Bollard brings the richness of a long involvement in the wider community to her present ministry. In the area of pastoral care she has worked in hospitals, in nursing and chaplaincy roles, especially with children, the terminally ill, ethnic groups and with people with disabilities. She has a great love of literature and her background in library studies has enabled her to develop her gift as a resource person.

Over the years, she has created a beautiful garden and labyrinth walk at the Gathering Place to provide a friendly and sacred space.