Spiritual Guidance and Retreats

To live reflectively requires going apart from the busyness of life occasionally to attend to the needs of one’s deeper self, to the paradoxes of life and the unanswered questions we carry. Solitude and silence are vital elements of such an experience. Such reflection enables us to develop a wiser set of priorities and cultivate a deeper sense of what really matters. Silence enables us to reach a dimension of reality that is too deep for words.

Many people come to the Gathering Place to enter into a time of personal retreat. The simple beauty, comfort and hospitality of the Gathering Place ensure seekers of a caring and reflective environment that leads to stillness and the absence of distractions.

Spending time in nature is also an essential part of a retreat experience. Some who come are pilgrims grounded in the Christian tradition but a growing number of seekers on the spiritual journey these days come from outside of any formal religion.

All seem to carry similar questions about life and its meaning. This particularly applies to those dealing with grief, terminal illness and other major happenings in their lives.

The opportunities for time away may vary in length according to the wishes of each person. Some just come for a day, others several days. During their visit, those who come are encouraged to articulate their own quest and are offered spiritual guidance grounded in the contemplative tradition so that they may discover their own answers and grow into a response that is right for them.

The great religious traditions have always emphasised the importance of a spiritual guide to accompany people at certain times in their lives. The art of in-depth listening that reaches into the lived experience of others is the principal task of the spiritual guide. In this way the contemplative journey is carefully discerned and one is encouraged to respond to life with integrity.

Accommodation at the Gathering Place offers single rooms, simply decorated. It is wise to bring extra warm clothing during winter for the Canberra climate.

In the wider community we respond to invitations to facilitate retreats, liturgies, funerals and workshops.

NOTE: For full details re bookings and cost, please refer to ‘Contact Us’.

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